Storm Damage

Storm Damage

Last Updated 3 August 2021

Storm damage is unexpected, but in Ireland it is something that is frequently experienced. Our team of experts are ready to react when storms hit Ireland.  We can quickly attend on site and take a full inventory of the extent of loss and damage.  Storm damage can result in missing slates, collapsed ceilings, damaged floors and wall plaster, and can be expensive to repair. Our experts assess your damage and can quickly agree the extent of repairs necessary.

What are storm damage claims?

After some severe weather, you may notice leaks, breaks, and damage to your property. The damage can be anywhere from a broken window to your entire roof having lifted off. No matter how big or small the damage caused, be sure to give us a call to get compensation. You could have been paying your insurance premiums for 20 years, it’s only fair you make a claim if you are entitled to.

Types of Storm damage

Storms can cause several types of damage from water ingress, structural damage, fallen trees on buildings, electrical damage, debris damage, and lightning damage. Unfortunately, there are just as many exclusions in insurance policies as there are ways for storms to do damage. Whether you have started making your claim yet or not, you should contact us immediately to avoid situations where your insurance company could use one of the exclusions to convince you that you are not covered.