Holiday Claims

Last Updated 3 August 2021

The Irish Claims Board is Ireland’s first legal service dedicated to assisting people injured or ill on holiday or overseas. The Irish Claims Board is also available to those holidaying within Ireland.

The Irish Claims Board helps resolve any issues holidaymakers may encounter and helps clients receive legal redress where available. If you have an issue that is not covered on this website, contact us and we may be able to advise.

Our experts offer legal advice and legal representation to holiday makers. We can help you achieve legal redress in the most efficient way possible.

Our advice services are offered by experienced specialist travel law professionals. Our travel law professionals deal solely with issues arising from overseas problems, or problems while on holiday in Ireland. We have the only dedicated travel professionals in Ireland.

Our specialist travel law team have many years of experience representing people injured overseas.

This is a specialist area of law, fraught with technical legal issues. Our team’s commitment to specialisation in travel law means we work towards maximising your claim while offering clients the peace of mind of knowing they are in good hands.