Property Damage

Property Damage

Last Updated 3 August 2021

At the Irish Claims Board we take the stress out of making a claim so that you are never left wondering ‘what happens next?’. We will ensure that you receive the best possible settlement under the terms of your policy (or from the person responsible), i.e. the full amount that you are ENTITLED to but may not be aware of. We, as a team, have been studying & interpreting insurance policies for a long time now.  Our panel of experts as a whole have many hundreds of years of experience amongst them.

Damage to property can take many forms, from fire and water damage, to things such as ground movement and structural failure. If you are claiming for damage to property, it is very important that you have the very best advice available. The Irish Claims Board provides comprehensive advice on domestic and commercial first party and third party property damage claims, as well as subrogated recoveries for the insurers.

Our highly-regarded experts are located across our integrated international network of offices, delivering a seamless legal service. The team dovetails with our specialist experience in construction and energy both of which have excellent records for innovative, commercially aware specialist advice.

Property damages claims can take a number of forms including:

  • Agricultural or Chemical damage
  • Fire and explosion
  • Flood (Escape of Water)
  • Oil Spill Damage
  • Catastrophe events
  • Collapse
  • Impact damage
  • Machinery breakdown
  • Environmental contamination
  • Subsidence & Heave
  • Riot, civil disorder and political violence.
How To Make A Damage To Property Claim

In claims of this nature, it is often important to get as much evidence as possible from the site of any Damage to Property, including photographic and other physical proof of the damage that has occurred. This can often make all the difference when making a claim, and so the quality of the evidence is vital.

The Irish Claims Board’s team of claim professionals deals with cases of this nature all the time, and they are able to advise you on the merits of your claim, together with the likelihood of success and possible outcomes.

Making a claim for Damage to Property can be a lengthy and difficult process.

This is because in many cases, there are multiple interested parties, including you, private companies and often your local authority. This all depends of course on the circumstances and location of the Damage to Property which took place.