Escape of Water

Home insurance claims are rarely straightforward, but water leaks can be an especially tricky area to navigate.

A water leak could be caused by any number of issues, but you might be surprised to learn that not every scenario will be accepted by your Insurer. Even if your home insurance policy includes water damage, it is unlikely that it covers all types of damages and may include a number of exceptions. With this in mind, it’s important to be prepared for a water leak to increase your chances of making a successful insurance claim.

Should you claim for a water leak on your insurance?

A water leak might not seem like a big problem – especially if the visible damage is confined to a small area in your home – but don’t underestimate the potential costs, both now and in the future. If the source of the water leak isn’t fully fixed, the leak could lead to much greater issues down the line and those issues most likely won’t be covered by your home insurance policy.

To avoid having a claim refused in the future, it’s best to address the problem as early as possible and inform your Insurer. Not informing your Insurer of small issues could complicate future insurance claims or lead to a delayed claim if a larger issue occurs later on.

Tips for a successful water leak insurance claim
Get the leak under control 

When claiming on your home insurance, you should not carry out any restoration until the Insurer or their Loss Adjuster has assessed the situation. You should take steps to prevent further damage, but you’ll need approval have to be patient when it comes to repairs.

Prepare your evidence 

Take photos and videos of the source of the water leak, the damage caused by it and anything else that is relevant to your claim. We would recommend that you do this immediately.

Appoint your own help

Many Insurers will prefer to appoint their own surveyors and builders to repair your property, however you are entitled to appoint independent contractors to rebuild your home. It is especially important to ensure you are using a Chartered Surveyor to assess the water leak damage and write up a specification of works for repairs. Surveyors who are not Chartered may not have the requisite experience or expertise for the job. Similarly, you’re entitled to employ your own surveyor if you’re not satisfied with the assessment made by the Insurer’s surveyor and would like a second opinion.

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