Employment Issues

When employment disputes arise – from unfair dismissal to harassment in the workplace – you need help and advice from experts who understand every aspect of employment law. That’s because in most cases your objective will be to seek a speedy and satisfactory resolution rather than a protracted and damaging conflict.

Our specialist employment professionals have the experience to help you manage employment problems by working in the background where required, as well as providing full legal representation. Our experts will always consider and advise on alternative dispute resolution procedures to help you resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

Acknowledged as the leading practitioners in this complex field, our experts understand the imperative to help keep careers on track at the same time as seeking to ensure that justice is done. With this in mind, they’re here to offer prompt authoritative legal advice and representation anywhere in Ireland.

If you need legal help with an employment issue under Irish or Northern Irish law, when you contact the Irish Claims Board, you can always be sure that your case will be dealt with expertly and efficiently.